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A Fire Protection Service That Won’t Disappoint You

There are so many examples of fires in places without properly working fire protection systems. If you don’t want to be a part of these frightening statistics, give Oklahoma Fire Safety a call today. We are trained experts who install adequate fire safety systems. We sell and replace extinguishers as well. You can call our company to arrange regular inspections to check the condition of your residential or commercial fire suppression system. We do recharge and code compliance checkups for the local community in Tuttle, OK aswell.

Our Business Story

Do you want to book your next appointment with our team? As a¬†fire protection service provider, you can rely on our team to come to you recharge your extinguisher right on site. Take it easy, our inspections are code compliant, and we can teach you how to use it as well. We now have new software allowing us to keep a record on all our clients’ schedules. You don’t have to memorize your next appointment. We will call you when the time comes.

Choosing the Best

It is our mission to ensure your loved ones’ and employees’ safety and peace of mind. When you work with our fire protection company, you can be sure all your fire prevention equipment will be carefully checked for issues and failures. If your budget is limited, we can discuss it and come up with a maintenance plan. We believe human lives are at stake, so our services are very efficient and effective and provide the necessary level of security. Every single component you have will be checked so you can live or work in complete safety.

Do you think your home or work environment contains fire hazards? Turn to Oklahoma Fire Safety for dependable fire protection service. We are based in Tuttle, OK can be found at (405) 632-4412.

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