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This Is a Brief Description of Our Services

Nowadays, we live in a world full of technology where devices and appliances need continuous power. If you believe your residence or office is at risk of fire, installing the right fire alarm system is the obvious solution. Oklahoma Fire Safety will take care of everything. We are in Tuttle, OK and do:

Fire Protection Services

When a fire safety system is installed, it needs regular checkups to ensure it will work when or if you need it. Our technicians have the ability and resources to check every part of the system to ensure reliability.

fire protection

Fire Protection

Restaurant Hood Suppression System Inspection

If you run a small pizza bar or large local restaurant, the condition of your hood suppression system will be your main concern. We can install and check its condition to make sure it’s in good operating order. We will check and clean all components and confirm it doesn’t have any visible or hidden signs of damage. Our experts will do all that with care for your safety.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Every fire extinguisher has crucial components without which it wouldn’t be able to work at all. We make sure it is in good working order by inspecting all of them one by one. We do not recommend DIY checkups as our team knows how to get the job done according to the established codes. We check the gauge pressure, the valve, and shell for damage. Along with that, we test all extinguishers by breaking their seal and removing the locking pin. We do routine inspections of all kinds of fire equipment and sell extinguishers and products as well.


Why does such equipment have to be recharged in the first place? The truth is that fire extinguishers have to be recharged immediately after each use, no matter how small the fire. Even if the agent inside wasn’t completely discharged, it still needs to be recharged. So, you can turn to our company for full assistance in this relation.

You can turn to Oklahoma Fire Safety for full assistance and support when your home or business needs safety. Call our specialists in Tuttle, OK at (405) 632-4412.